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I'm hanging my very own stocking by the fire with care, smiling as I look at a lovely little present with a beautiful blue bow, and getting ready to eat a whole plateful of cookies with a big glass of milk thanks to my very own pink posse, [ profile] sexy_pumpkin, [ profile] wildsweet_angel and [ profile] ellyrianna. I'm already having myself a merry little Christmas and it's only December 9th!

Thanks for festive V-gifts - you guys are the greatest ♥ So remember, if you're ever up a tree call on me, if you're ever in a mess S-O-S.....

*Happy holiday hugs, much love*

Date: 2010-12-10 04:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Your very welcome my dear:)

Keep your eye out for another widdle package, I hope it gets there
before Xmas, if not then it's ok, it's the thought that counts!!

Off to take Merlot to the vet. He's still limping on his back foot
I think he's got something in it, like a bindy or a grass seed, it's
swollen on the pad of his foot & Mitchell is working & can;t take him, so I guess his "Nanny" will have to take him.

Its the 1st day of the school holidays, how many days until the 1st Feb 2011 thats when they go back, & please even if you can do the math then don't tell me, I have railway bridge close by lol

Later babe,,sleep well,,Hugs Jx


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